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>>Spyware Doctor - Do I Need It?

Spyware Doctor - Do I Need It?

Spyware Doctor is a top-rated malware & spyware removal utility that detects, removes and protects your PC from thousands of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats. Spyware and adware can not only report your activities without your knowledge, but they can also bring your system to a crawl. Spyware Doctor provides three-way spyware protection for your PC through real-time threat blocking, advanced system scanning and immunization against known browser infections. Recommended by experts and editors around the world as the best Anti-Spyware.

Did you know that when a PC is infected with spyware that every keystroke, every website and every conversation could be recorded or monitored by the people or companies that may have secretly installed software on your PC? The consequences of spyware and adware infections can include banking and identity theft, unusual computer problems, slow Internet access, changed browser homepage, search pages or favorites, and excessive numbers of adware generated adverts. Anti-virus software and firewalls do not fully protect your system against the majority of spyware and privacy threats because spyware is commonly bundled with software downloads, attached to e-mails, or transmitted through networks it can appear to be legitimate software, but once installed it can be nearly impossible to detect and remove without the help of a dedicated spyware removal tool like Spyware Doctor.

Every time we get on the internet to even access trusted web sites, we find spyware in our computer, then we go to spyware doctor icon on our desktop, just click it and then click scan and bam. Spyware Doctor employs advanced technology that can safely go deep into your computer to detect and destroy spyware. If you want to remove spyware and protect your privacy then you should download Spyware Doctor today.

This program will make an excellent addition to your anti-spyware tool box. After Spyware Doctor finds infections, the program informs you as to how serious the threats are – from low to high. You can schedule scans and live program updates for a time that is convenient or run on demand. One nice feature that Spyware Doctor has that I haven’t seen on the other anti-spyware programs is “Site Guard". This program finds and removes keyloggers as well. I've tried most of them, and highly recommend this program.

Spyware Doctor has been downloaded over 100 Million times; with a million more downloads every week. Spyware Doctor has consistently been awarded Editors' Choice, by leading PC magazines and testing laboratories around the world, including United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Australia. Spyware Doctor has the most advanced update feature that continually improves its Spyware fighting capabilities on daily basis. Spyware Doctor is a complete security tool to protect in real time against spyware and all kind of tracking software. Spyware Doctor is easy to use and low on PC resources and its super fast scanning speed is delivered by multiple specialized scanners that include Windows registry, file system, processes and tasks, browser, network configuration (including LSP), cookie and an intelligent script scanner. Spyware protection should be an essential part of your protection to defend your privacy and computing habits from prying eyes and virtual trespassers, download Spyware Doctor and check your PC now.

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By: Ashley Humphreys

>>Spyware Protection - Five reasons why it is essential

Spyware Protection -
Five reasons why it is essential

Spyware, or software that is used to track your every move online, is one of the most serious threats that we face when using the internet and unfortunately it is all too easy to un-knowingly become a victim of it. That last piece of software that you downloaded, or that last download of mp3 music may also contain software that can display unwanted advertising, track your movements as you surf the web, collect personal information, and even change the configuration settings of your computer. These changes can include your home page and search page selection being altered and additional components being added to your browser. The speed at which your computer runs can also be affected or even worse spyware has been known to cause computers to crash altogether! Apart from the obvious, here are five good reasons why you need adequate spyware protection:

Number One - Personal details being used for identity theft. This one is scary and all too real. Un-authorized credit card charges, loans being taken out under your name, I'm sure you've heard the stories of what a mess this can make of people's lives.

Number Two - Ninety percent of all computers with an internet connection are infected with some sort of spyware. Ninety percent! That is one heck of a lot of computers. Even if a low percentage of this number are infected with spyware that can report back your private information how do you know your computer isn't one of them?

Number Three - Pop Up ads appearing without your consent, sometimes hundreds of them and almost impossible to get rid of. The content of these ads can also be of concern, as there is no way of knowing what will come up next, not pleasant for yourself and not the sort of thing that minors should be exposed to.

Number Four - Your computer systems speed can be greatly reduced once infected with spyware. This can be not only frustrating but when time equals money it can also be costly, very costly. The level of sophistication in today's programs means even a slight loss in computer processing speed can affect some programs immensely.

Number Five - If you have read this far and haven't cancelled all your Internet Connection Plans then you've done well! Seriously though I think the last and not least good reason to have adequate spyware protection is the pure inconvenience of what spyware can do to your computer. Literally hours can be spent trying to remove it once it takes hold and sometimes the removal cannot be done without damaging some of the installations already on your system. Removal would also be particularly hard if you are like me and have very little programming knowledge. I know I wouldn't like to fork out for someone to come and fix something that could easily have been prevented in the first place!

With more and more internet users becoming aware of potential threats when online, let's hope they all do their bit to stamp out this nuisance by being adequately protected and then everyone can have an enjoyable experience surfing the web.

Craig Wilson is the author of Tried n Tested, a review site for online products and services. For more information please visit Tried n Tested.

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By: Craig Wilson

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Why Should Everyone Use Spyware Nuker
Protect Integrity

Protect your Privacy
Protect Identity

Protect your Identity
Protect Investment

Protect your
Expensive Computer

We are so confident that we will be able to locate the SPYWARE and ADWARE on your PC, that if we don't we will give you our POP-UP BLOCKING software FREE of CHARGE!

Did you know that SPYWARE is the number one threat to personal computing? Also, 9 out of 10 PCs that are hooked up to the INTERNET are infected with SPYWARE or ADWARE, and in most cases both! Not only can SPYWARE and ADWARE ruin your expensive computer forever, but they can possibly lead to you being fired from your job or even divorced. People can also be sent to prison for what SPYWARE has added to their computer!

SPYWARE and ADWARE are very horrible programs that you really should remove from your home and office computers right away!

How can Spyware lead to people being fired or divorced?

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of SPYWARE programs that allow people to monitor what you do online. Many spouses and employers secretly download these SPYWARE programs onto their PCs so they can monitor everything their employees and spouses do online. These programs can do all of the following if not more:

  • Every WEBSITE you visit
  • EMAILS you send and receive
  • INSTANT MESSAGES sent and received
  • CHAT ROOM conversion made
  • Every PROGRAM that your run
  • Every KEYSTROKE you type

You don't want people spying on you to make sure you are a good person do you?

There are also SPYWARE programs out there that allow people to secretly download image onto your PC. What if someone wanted to get you in trouble and downloaded a program that allowed them to place illegal content onto your hard drive such as child pornography or terrorist activity files? This type of SPYWARE could get you in serious trouble!

How can SPYWARE and ADWARE infect my computer?

Your PC has a 90% chance of being infected with spyware and adware if you have ever downloaded any of the following:


What is SPYWARE?

Spyware applications are programs and files that hide on your PC's hard drive without your direct knowledge. These programs allow hackers and advertising companies to track your every move, both online and even when you work offline. They can track the websites you visit, the items that you buy online, the emails you send and receive, your Instant Message dialog, and worst of all they can even record your credit card number, personal identification numbers, and all of your passwords. If you use dial-up to connect to the Internet then spyware can be used to bill 900 numbers to your phone bill. This is just a short list of the harm that spyware can cause.

What is ADWARE?

Adware applications are installed onto your PCs hard drive by Internet advertising companies that allow them to inundate you with pop-up ad after pop-up ad all day long. Have you ever noticed a strange icon on your desktop or start menu and wondered where it came from? Have you ever logged on to the Internet to find that your home page had been switched? Are there strange search bars on every page you visit? These are all adware programs. These program can place icons almost anywhere on your PC, they can change your home page whenever they wish, and they control your google search results so you see the results that they want you to see.

How effective is Nuker?

Honestly, we have to constantly battle the spyware and adware developers on a daily basis. Our intelligent technical team searches every cyber nook and cranny 24/7 to hunt out and locate any new spyware and adware files that have been created so that Spyware Nuker can remove them from any PC. As we mentioned, there are currently 78,000 adware and spyware programs lurking on the Net today. New infections are being created constantly, and the Spyware Nuker Team will find them and send you an update so you can remove them.


What is Spyware?

What is Spyware? Spyware and Adware are files that can be installed on your computer even though you don't want them! Click below to learn more how to detect and remove Spyware and Adware... spyware remove